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Salt Retreat

October 26, 2024

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey guided by the rich perspectives, experiences, and expertise of our diverse lineup. Connect, grow, and embrace the beauty of inclusivity with us! Let yourself be nourished and held during this unique weeklong experience! Open to everyone, no pervious yoga experience needed. Limited spots available secure your place and be a part of this empowering experience!


October 26, 2024 for more information!

Registered yoga school

November 1, 2024

Salt Yoga is a 200hr accredited and registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance. Join lead teacher, Toni Thomas to deepen your understanding of this ancient practice through study of philosophy, meditation, postures and alignment through vinyasa/ashtanga yoga. Teacher training is not just for those who want to teach yoga but rather an opportunity to explore and learn about the practice and journey to self. Come discover YOU!

Yoga + Accupuncture

April 28, 2024

This event will include a one hour restorative yoga class, followed by an extended savasana incorporating acupuncture for relaxation. Rachel will utilize specifically chosen acupuncture points for their proven powerful ability to ground the body's energy and balance the organ systems while creating deep relaxation. This workshop is open to all experience levels. Rachel Redmond is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner specializing in women’s holistic health. With over 10 years of clinical experience, Rachel is dedicated to helping her patients identify and address the root cause of their health challenges so they can stop chasing symptoms and treat the whole system - mind, body, and soul.