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Corporate Wellness Offerings by Toni Thomas ERYT and Team

Enhance your employees' well-being with exceptional wellness experiences led by Toni Thomas ERYT and her team of experienced teachers. Our comprehensive wellness programs are designed to promote a healthier, more productive workforce, both on-site and virtually.

Our Services:

1. On-Site Yoga and Wellness Programming

Tailored yoga sessions to suit all levels
Mindfulness and meditation classes
Customizable wellness programs to fit your company's needs

2. Lunch & Learn Workshops

Interactive sessions covering a range of wellness topics
Strategies for stress management and mental clarity
Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance

3. Virtual Wellness Access

Discounted yearly subscriptions for employees
Access to our OnDemand yoga and wellness classes
Flexible scheduling to accommodate different time zones

4. Additional Offerings

Team-building activities focused on wellness
Corporate retreats and wellness days
Personalized wellness plans for employees

Benefits of Our Programs

Improved Employee Health: Reduce stress and improve physical fitness through regular yoga and wellness activities.
Increased Productivity: Boost mental clarity and focus, leading to higher productivity and efficiency.
Enhanced Morale: Foster a positive workplace culture with team-building and wellness-focused initiatives.
Flexible Access: Offer employees the convenience of participating in wellness programs both on-site and from the comfort of their homes.

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In 2019, Salt Yoga Studio was founded on the principle that, “Yoga is for everyone. The music, poses and styles are all different, but are united by the community and shared passion for the practice.”

At Salt, we believe the practice is about being a part of a community bigger than ourselves and living the practice on and off of the mat with breath, intention, and presence.

Toni, the studio’s founder, used to practice around the world at different studios and brought little pieces from each place to Salt, to create the most well-rounded yoga experience. Reliable, trustworthy, and genuine – the people who practice with us are truly the “salt of the earth.”


Do I need to reserve a spot?

Our virtual platform is On Demand. You choose the time and place and we'll meet you there!

What Do I need?

We recommend comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, and water. Some classes may offer the use of a yoga block. If you do not have a block, you could use whatever is accessible from home (books, a chair, the wall, etc)

Where should i practice?

I'd love to suggest somewhere distraction free, but that is not very realistic for any of us! Ultimately, the practice teaches us to be present in the moment and learn to be still and less reactive through the distractions of life. So, practice where ever you can:)

I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Yes, just as when you are hungry, you should eat...when you are not flexible you should come to yoga:) Come as you are! Flexible or not, take the first step.

Is yoga a religious practice?

This is a great question, and the answer depends entirely on you. The thing we want our students to know is that no matter your religious preferences, or those of the instructors, you are always welcome to join us on your mat and experience your spirituality as you wish. The 8th limb of yoga is connecting with the divine. This looks different for every single human being, even those within the same faith. We welcome you to bring your faith and spirituality onto your mat.

Do you sell gift certificates?

You can gift a month on our virtual platform for your friends and loved ones.

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